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Mayflower in China

Among the several glass ships in bottles factories in China, Yancheng Mayflower was the direct associate company of Mayflower UK. It was established as a joint venture by Mayflower and the borosilicate glass factory Yyglass in Yancheng in 2005. A complete set of Mayflower's factory machines, which had been used in East Boldon, UK, were shipped to Yancheng.

The general manager Lei Yu came to the UK and learnt how to operate the machines. The production of Mayflower China reached its peak in 2010, where they made 30,000 ships in bottles per month. However, the market became saturated and the people's interest has also changed. Mayflower UK was closed in 2017. Yancheng Mayflower still continues to make glass ships in bottles on the machines moved from East Boldon.

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